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Author DC Alden



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The Angola virus - a lethal pathogen born not in the squalor of an African prison but manufactured by a group of ruthless elites determined to reduce the global population.

And so THE DEEP STATE TRILOGY begins, taking the reader on an epic journey across an unsuspecting world heading towards the abyss.

As the global crisis deepens the very best are mobilised to join the fight. Delta ForceUS Navy SEALs and the CIA’s Special Operations Group, all of them unaware of the conspiracy swirling around them and the politicians determined to see them fail.

From the ice-capped mountains of Switzerland to the burning deserts of Iraq, from the grimy streets of south London to the teeming metropolis of Shanghai, the battle to seize ultimate control threatens every corner of the planet.

The virus is out there. And humanity has never been closer to extermination.


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