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DC Alden HBO Band of BrothersI’m a UK-based Amazon best-selling author, screenwriter, and award-winning filmmaker. I’m also a former British Army soldier and London police officer. 

From an early age I devoured books, mostly fiction, but it was while working on the hit HBO series BAND OF BROTHERS that I first considered the possibility of writing for a living, and specifically, writing screenplays. Like countless people before (and since), I thought how hard can it be? Pretty hard, as it turns out. 

My first short film screenplay soon stretched into a feature-length monster with a runtime of 256 minutes. Way too long. So, I adapted it as a novel, and the result was the very first draft of INVASIONThat went better than expected, so, I thought I’d start writing seriously.

What inspires me to write? Well, the desire to tell entertaining, engaging stories. I’ve always had an interest in global events, and I’m intrigued by the lives and motivations of those who inhabit that geopolitical world, especially those who operate in the shadows (some of whom have shared their fascinating experiences with me). 

I write across genres, but always thrillers. Military, conspiracy, political, alternative history, sci-fi, and yes, even ‘zombies’, though technically my zombies are not dead. Just fast-moving and murderous (see FORTRESS). My writing has a dark edge, so beware all ye who enter my worlds. Although there’s the odd laugh too.

I’m still writing screenplays because film is my first love. So, if you’re a producer looking for an exciting, commercially viable project, do reach out. My supernatural crime thriller, BRUTUSneeds genuine collaborators.

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