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Author DC Alden



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London, the far future - the city is almost unrecognisable, a legacy of the war fought centuries past. Now, two men navigate its dark streets, soldiers on a mission, fighting a battle that began hundreds of years ago…

As Downing Street basks beneath a summer sun, the driver of a truck bomb watches and waits as the seconds on his watch tick away.

Across the city, three men park their van beneath London’s busiest flight path and unload Stinger missiles, aiming them at the giant airliner passing overhead.

In Stockwell, south London, an MI5 officer discovers that his surveillance target--and scores of others--have shaken their tails and disappeared. All at the same time.

The fuse has been lit. A maelstrom of violence is about to engulf the capital, a precursor to something far bigger.

Something unimaginable and infinitely more terrifying…

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