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Author DC Alden



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Listening time: 11 hrs 32 mins 55 sec

"Abandon all fossil fuels or face an unstoppable plague."

As President Coffman battles to get her administration back on track, eco-terrorists threaten to unleash a gruesome contagion, one that transforms ordinary people into blood-thirsty savages.

Unless the world dials the clock back two hundred years.

The US military-industrial complex mobilises to neutralise the terrorists, but Coffman and her allies discover a new and unexpected opportunity - weaponise the virus and seize ultimate power.

But first, the dominoes have to fall, global cities with teeming populations, and Coffman intends to watch them all burn as the horrifying pandemic spreads across the planet.

Unless she can be stopped.

But doing so might set the world on a far darker and dangerous path than anyone can imagine.

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