Something is very wrong at the US Embassy in Baghdad


Amy Coffman is determined to become the next US President. All that stands in her way are 1200 American souls and the most heavily defended embassy in the world.

When Secretary of State Amy Coffman learns that a deadly virus has broken out behind the fortified walls of the US embassy Baghdad, her first reaction is to bury the news and cover up the mounting death toll. But as the crisis deepens and frightened diplomats beg for help, Coffman realises that the political fallout threatens to derail her presidential campaign. For the ambitious Secretary of State that is an unthinkable scenario.

In Baghdad, the situation is deteriorating fast. The terrifying infection is spreading like wildfire. Friends are turning into foes, colleagues into barbaric killers. To make matters worse, a dust storm envelops the city, providing cover not only for the packs of marauding infected but also for Coffman's allies who are hell bent on making sure their chosen candidate wins the race for the White House. And that means the total destruction of the embassy and everyone in it.

All the stands between Coffman and the Oval Office are the survivors, a dwindling band of Delta Force operators, US Marines, diplomats and contractors now locked in a desperate battle for survival, unaware that they have been condemned to a gruesome death by the very person who has sworn an oath to defend them.

★★★★★ ‘Lock and load. This one is an explosive read.’

★★★★★ ‘Starts at a cracking rate and just keeps going.’

★★★★★ ‘Sheer class.’

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