“For humanity to prosper the global population must be reduced…”


Enter the Angola virus, a lethal pathogen born not in the squalor of an African prison but in secret laboratories controlled by The Committee, a ruthless cabal of global elites determined to enslave humanity and usher in a brutal New World Order. And only one man can stop it - a former Navy Seal with blood on his hands and nothing to lose…


As the world staggers from one crisis to another, the Angola virus is mutating into something far more horrific than originally intended. In Baghdad, US military and diplomatic personnel find themselves trapped behind the blast-proof walls of the US Embassy, expendable pawns in a power-game being played out behind the doors of power in Washington DC. The virus is spreading and no one is coming to their rescue…


The world’s most populous cities have been targeted and the countdown has begun. Billions of lives are at stake. As presidents, politicians and power-brokers double-down on the fast-approaching apocalypse, the CIA’s Special Activities Division are mobilised to stop the evil-doers with extreme prejudice, unaware of the conspiracy swirling around them and the political factions determined to see them fail.

From the mean streets of Harlem to the teeming metropolises of Mumbai and Shanghai, from the frozen peaks of the Swiss Alps to the baking deserts of Iraq, THE DEEP STATE BOXSET is an international military-action-apocalyptic-thriller that will have you turning the pages long into the night. With an all-star cast of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Tier One military operators and desperate civilians caught up in the deadliest conspiracy of all time, this explosive trilogy combines all three DEEP STATE volumes into one fast-paced, heart-pounding mega-read.

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★★★★★ ‘This book will freak you out!’

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★★★★★ ‘Lock and load – this is one explosive read.’

★★★★★ ‘Arguably the best trilogy ever.’

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