That's because it was bombed during the war.  Then demolished. After I was born they moved us onto the infamous Winstanley Estate. Fast forward a few decades and  the Winstanley is now a distant memory. London is still being bombed though, but that's a whole different story.

I served in the British Army during the 80s, and I soon developed a deep interest in geo-politics, global security and current affairs. I also devoured books on my downtime, most notably the works of Frederick Forsyth, Gerald Seymour and Tom Clancy, whose themes provided inspiration for my early writings.

After leaving service I made several futile attempts at finding a publisher for a collection of short, military-based stories I’d written. After a couple of years of pre-internet photocopying, stamp-licking, and schlepping around London’s publishers without success, I put my writing on hold to earn a living, working as a technical consultant, and occasionally as a film extra. And it was film that became the catalyst for my future writing.

It began when I answered an advert for former soldiers, after which they chose me to work on Steven Spielberg’s Band of Brothers alongside Tom Hanks, Damien Lewis, Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender (whatever happened to them?). The experience reignited my lifelong passion for storytelling, and I made several short films and a documentary about life on set using unseen (and sometimes covert) footage. 

Find out more on my FILM page.

One of my early scripts told the story of a Prime Minister and his advisors who’d become trapped in their bunker below Downing Street while chaos reigned above. I hawked it around. No one was interested. My brother Nick said I should turn it into a novel.

Good idea, I thought. 

And lo, INVASION was born.

That was a long time ago, and INVASION is still topping the Amazon charts. It never ceases to amaze me how many people love that book, and I'm flattered and honoured when they take time out of their busy day to let me know how much they enjoyed it. That's what makes writing worth it. 

My work continues to be inspired by world events, both seen and unseen, and the myriad of characters who inhabit the shadows. I have good contacts serving with British and US Special Forces, the police and security services, and with several media and political figures who shall remain nameless. More often than not, their fascinating and unnerving contributions often make it into my novels.

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Thanks again for your time. It's much appreciated.

Take care and all the best.


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